Our Stories

Our Stories

What is Avatar?

Avatar is a leader in assessing patient satisfaction by asking a variety of questions about the patient experience. Camino Health Center truly cares what our patients have to say about us. We constantly strive to provide quality care with our core values of dignity, service, excellence, and justice always in the forefront of everything we do.

Learning From Our Patients

Patients are chosen at random by Avatar; we don’t know who gets a survey or how they respond. The feedback is truly unbiased. The center of the bulls-eye is the target and a dot in the green area means we are exceeding expectations. A dot in the red area means expectations are not being met.

This graph demonstrates how, month over month, Camino Health Center exceeds the expectations of those being served.

Telehealth: As Comfortable as a Doctor's Visit

Camino Health Center is fully equipped to provide patients with telehealth services. Telehealth is a convenient health care service that connects patients with doctors using video conferencing, phone sessions, and remote messaging.

Bianca Torres, a full-time student at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, Calif., turned to telehealth after a sore throat caused her concern. Having just moved to Southern California earlier this year and not yet having insurance to cover a traditional doctor's visit, she went to Camino Health Center in San Juan Capistrano for a telehealth appointment. "They could see me right away through the telehealth clinic," Torres said. "I had never seen or heard of [telehealth] before, but it was easy and very convenient for me."

Not only was Torres able to take advantage of this affordable and conveniently-located service, she said it felt just as comfortable as a traditional visit to the doctor. "It felt like I had a doctor right in front of me instead of on the screen," she said, "I didn't feel alone."

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